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Lighting Without Limits

The best 12V bluetooth-enabled custom outdoor lighting solution on the market.

One Light
Multiple Configurations

Take Your Landscape to the Next Level

Complete System

All required components are included within the fixture. Save time on installation & labor and save money on additional components, lamps, remotes and automation devices. Our patented electronics and controls are designed, engineered and assembled in house.


Eliminate the complication of selecting multiple lamps (wattage and beam spread) for one project. Individual lights can be fine tuned after the installation is complete to achieve the perfect light intensity and color temperature of each fixture.

Ultimate Ambiance

As seasons change so can your lighting system. Lights can be scheduled to change as the seasons change. Create scenes for holidays, parties & special events or even for the big game every weekend.


Compatible as an add-on to any existing 12V lighting system. Works with ANY 12V power source. Systematic and simple installation process. No complicated wiring or connections. No limit to number of fixtures on a system.

Re-think Control

Adjust intensity, change color, turn on/off on command, automate each fixture individually, set independent on & off times for each fixture, or change the entire look of your lighting system with just one touch of your smartphone.


Adjust and fine tune after install is complete with the capability of customizing your lighting system to your exact tastes and preferences. No longer will a fixture be too bright, and as landscape grows and matures, adjustments can be easily made to address the need for more light.

They say...

The opportunity that exists to add color to an everyday lighting design is something that I never thought would have been practical – but seeing is believing!

They say...

Our clients can’t say enough about Color Edison lights. The ease of installation for us, the ease of use for them, and the uniqueness of the product makes them a no-brainer sell for landscape jobs.

They say...

Easy. That’s the best thing I can say about them. When I have parties over to watch Ohio State, all it takes is a few taps on my phone to set the tone for the entire night. Go Bucks!

Color It

create infinite color options

Create It

create scenes for any occasion

Find It

locate and identify any fixture on the property

Dim It

control and adjust light intensity

Time It

automate the energy savings of each fixture

Name It

no limit to the number of lights on a system